Our ability to deliver a high standard of service to our customers are dependent around providing high quality products & services to meet the customer needs. This is done with safety being one of our key focus areas and making sure all employees and customers are safe at all times.

Services we can offer:

  • We can supply all necessary pump equipment from depot tanks to service stations
  • We can supply forecort controllers
  • We can supply ATG (Automatic Tank Gauging) equipment
  • We can provide installation of all tanks and pump equipment etc on site

Storage tanks we can supply you with:

  • Above ground diesel/petrol/Paraffin tanks new or refurbished
  • Underground diesel/petrol/Paraffin tanks new or refurbished
  • Self-bunded diesel tanks
  • Aviation storage tanks
  • Tank size ranging beteen 2,200 L up to 110,000 Liters etc
  • Portable diesel trailers

Other services we offer:

  • Impact studies
  • Depot design
  • Fire & safety equipment
  • Tank inspection and maintenance
  • Fuel treatment and filtering for contaminated fuel